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Cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Girls are mainly trapped in cyber crimes. Some kind of terrorist activities can also be done through cyber crimes. Hacking of passwords of bank accounts and girl’s mail ids are also coming under cyber crimes. To stop all these cyber crimes and terrorist activities, one man steps forward and did a splendid job in India. He is one of the best ethical hackers in India and the name of India’s best ethical hacker is Pankaj Verma. There are a million of people who are very much interested to know about India’s best ethical hacker Pankaj Verma biography in detail. He is the inspiration of many students. There are many students who want to make their career in this line and want to become a good ethical hacker. Pankaj Verma belongs to a middle-class family background. His father is his role model. Pankaj Verma age is 19years and he was born in Bhopal, India... He had done her schooling from Kamla Nehru public school, . When he was 15, his father gifted a computer system to him. After schooling, his graduation running in Civil Engneering at TRUBA COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Ethical hacker Pankaj Verma date of birth is 21th Feb, 1995 and he celebrated his birthday with his parents.

In his childhood times, he used to play video games and took so much interest in hacking. To know more about Pankaj Verma perosnal life and profile, continue reading this article. He had also demolish the website of a school when he was only 17 years old.. Earlier, he also worked as free lancer Recently, Pankaj started a consultancy firm in BHOPAL. He also started his own computer security classes in bhopal. Software engineers and developers are dying to meet him. Recently, Pankaj Verma launches his own website. Pankaj Verma website name is which is his personal site. You can find each and every single detail about him on this site. All awards and honors he received in his life, mentioned on this website. He gained so much fame and success in his life due to his hard work and dedication towards his goal it. Girls also gossips about Pankaj Verma relationship status. He said in an interview that he is still single and totally focused on his career. He is in no mood of marriage soon.


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